Our viewers demand more than television programming – we’re stepping up. We’ve built a strong online presence that allows our audience to participate in the world behind the shows we create and we want to build even more. We’re excited to start evolving our digital media strategy and launching some new campaigns. That’s where you’d come in.

Do you love conceptualizing, building and managing custom content for various audiences? Do you have the writing and editorial expertise to produce premium original content for cross channel publications? Have you mastered the art of the online conversation? Are you an online fan yourself? We’d love to have you join our team.

We are looking for someone who understands the nature of online fandom and is an active participant in that world. You need to have the ability to adapt voice and messaging to our different audiences (while also encouraging and managing contributors to do the same) and be an advocate for our fans. You will think strategically, execute with organization and enthusiasm and engage through meaningful content that builds community.

How do we know you can do the job? Tell us about your proven track record designing and implementing successful social media and online marketing campaigns. Outline your experience with day-to-day creation and launching of digital content for multiple platforms. Share your own experiences as a fan online, including both examples of what worked and what did not (and perhaps what could have been done to make the latter better).

If we bring you on board you’ll be doing some stuff that’s really important to us: co-creating, implementing and evaluating a company wide digital media strategy and procedures, researching and developing content for websites, blogs and social media platforms, understanding and creating platform-appropriate content that aligns with each target audience’s interests and needs, responding to and communicating with the various online communities in a consistent, on-brand voice, optimizing content for search engines, defining and conducting analytic programs to improve strategies (just to mention a few).

If you have a Bachelors degree with a major in digital media or communications we’d really like to hear from you… we’ll also give some extra attention to folks who also possess science and humanities degrees.

If you’re excited about this position please write and tell us why. Give special attention to your practical experience and be sure to share one of your successful projects or campaigns that showcases your passion, talents and achievements as a digital media strategist. Please send this document and your resume as a single pdf document to jobs@parallaxfilm.com.

Please no phone calls. If you’ve secured an interview we’ll be sure to give you a ring.