Parallax Film Productions’ innovative storytelling has been profiled by media outlets, such as the Globe and Mail, CBC, and the Vancouver Sun. Coverage includes Blowdown 3D, a documentary shot, edited and delivered in full 3D to National Geographic Channels International and 3net, and Battle Castle, an action documentary series for History Television and Discovery Channel UK that included an unprecedented online universe.

  • White Rock Production Company Moves Underwater for TV Series - June 20, 2014

    It may be called Bahama Blue, but a new nature series currently shooting on location has its home office right here beside Semiahmoo Bay. The show is the latest venture for award-winning Canadian indie documentary producers Ian Herring and Maija Leivo of White Rock-based Parallax Film Productions – their current bid to counter the “dumbing down” effect of other so-called reality TV….Click here for full article

  • Parallax Films Secures New International Discovery Network Deals - May 22, 2014

    Award-winning Canadian indie documentary producers Ian Herring and Maija Leivo of Parallax Film Productions are pleased to announce new licensing deals with Discovery Network International territories Latin America, Discovery Asia, Discovery CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Discovery Italy for their latest TV series Bahama Blue. Bahama Blue is an innovative six-part television series using 4Kcamera technology to capture the classical beauty of dolphins and sharks, as well as unprecedented natural history events…Click here for full article

  • Battle Castle is a Real-life Westeros, Without the Dragons - March 20, 2012

    Two men stand atop the highest tower of a castle perched on a hill. One remarks that the tower’s location provides excellent fields of fire: 320 degrees, or thereabouts, from which defenders could rain down arrows on their attackers.
    It is a conversation that would fit nicely within the books of George R.R. Martin, whose works often include details of medieval-style military tactics. But it is not fiction. It is Battle Castle, a series developed by a production team based in British Columbia and which airs on History Television…Click here for full article

  • Battle Castle on Urban Rush - March 08, 2012

    Parallax Film Productions President and Director Ian Herring and Executive Producer Maija Leivo give a behind-the-scenes take on the Battle Castle series on Urban Rush. Topics include the show’s inception, production elements, and how the series brings castles – and their battles – to life … Watch video

  • Blowdown 3D on CBC Television - July 28, 2010

    Parallax Film Productions President and Director Ian Herring details the challenges associated with filming a “run and gun” explosive demolition documentary on an industrial worksite in 3D … Watch video