3D road trip!

Friday night I packed up and headed over to Vancouver Island for the Victoria Film Festival.

The mission: roll out a 15-minute show and tell about 3D cable TV to the film types.

The gear: 500 pairs of polarized glasses (think big, right?) and our 46-inch JVC HD 3D LCD monitor.

About 70 people showed up to crowd around and check out the latest and greatest in home entertainment.

What I shared with the crowd

How they felt about the experience

The final word: it was great to show some of our 3D documentary material off.

Reactions were mixed, but whether the VFF-goers praised it or panned it, it was clear that my little road trip stirred up a nice dose of stereoscopic buzz.

It’s also clear that our 3D monitor travels exceptionally well strapped to a bike rack … bonus.

On to the next adventure.

Ian Herring, President