It’s an exciting time here at Parallax Film Productions – in less than a week, our current production Battle Castle will make its world broadcast premiere on History Television in Canada.

Leading up to the six-part series, there’s been so much going on online that it’s become an experience in and of itself. Here are this week’s highlights, direct from the Battle Castle universe:

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BattleCastle.TV: host Dan Snow details the design of Beaumaris’ walls

Battle Castle host Dan Snow reveals how Beaumaris Castle’s walls were constructed. This castle is part of Edward I’s Iron Ring in northern Wales. Master James of St. George and his castle builders also raised Conwy, Harlech and Beaumaris. Conwy was commissioned by Edward Longshanks in Snowdonia, Wales, and was tested with Madog ap Llywelyn led a medieval rebellion against the English and their Iron Ring of fortifications in the late 13th century. The secrets of this mighty castle’s build and details of the siege it faced are revealed in Battle Castle: Conwy.

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@battlecastle, Feb. 16

OK Battle Castle universe – it’s time for name that siege engine!

Three medieval machines appear in this photo set – can you identify all of them? 

Thanks to everyone who played name that siege engine! The three medieval machines are …. #1 the perrier!

… #2 the mangonel

… #3 the counterweight trebuchet!

Now, let’s fire the king of them all! BattleCastle.TV: unleash the counterweight trebuchet  

3 ways to #gomedieval

This week, we featured #gomedieval moments with our host, Dan Snow.

In pictures: Castle Building 101 – what’s Dan up to?

Reads: “You Don’t Know Dan?” – Executive Producer Maija Leivo reveals a side of our host Dan Snow that’s distinctly … Canadian

Video: BattleCastle.TV: host Dan Snow goes medieval at Guedelon, a castle being built in France

Battle Castle host Dan Snow on-site at Guedelon, France, where a castle is currently being built using only medieval techniques. Dan explored several aspects of castle construction, from quarrying to mixing mortar to firing tiles. These segments will be featured in several Battle Castle episodes.

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