As our current six-part series Battle Castle moves towards its explosive season finale on History Television in Canada, 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 29, our audience – and the press – continue to take notice of this genre-bending action documentary experience on air and online.

Here are this week’s transmedia highlights, direct from the Battle Castle universe:

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BattleCastle.TV: Malbork Castle Motion Comic


Malbork Castle’s motion comic reveals a bloody mystery that may have tipped the outcome of the famous Battle of Tannenberg, which occurred shortly before the 1410 attack on the Teutonic Knights’ Malbork Castle. The castle’s build, as well as this siege, are profiled in Battle Castle Episode 5: Malbork Castle.

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#BattleCastle/@battlecastle, March 22

Highlights from live tweeting leading up to and during the 9 pm ET simulcast of Battle Castle: Malbork on History Television:

@Medievalists WORD. What’s happening right now? THIS>>>> Malbork on ! 🙂 I was here in 2010. It’s a crazy, cool castle

@S3D_Post I like the black brick work @ Malbork best. It adds an amazing aesthetic.

@battlecastle Miss 10 million bricks already? Here’s our fabulous web CGI!

@padwrr Cool heating system at !

@Medievalarchive Stoking that medieval kiln had to be great in the winter and a scorcher in the summer!

@battlecastle Want more Siege Crossbow? There’s a page for that

@TheGatekeep The attacking forces actually positioned themselves on all four fronts. Von Plauen and his men were surrounded. Or were they?

@S3D_Post Fast and furious cannon battle at Malbork castle… AWESOME!

@Medievalists He abandoned the siege?! With that hat, he could’ve ruled the world. So disappointed.

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This week, we featured #gomedieval moments from Malbork Castle:

Reads: The episode

Location: Poland

The build: Malbork Castle was forged by the Teutonic Knights, a powerful order of German crusaders, in the 13th century. Historically known as Marienburg, it is the greatest fortification built by medieval knights during the Baltic Crusades, a mission to convert pagans to Christianity in Prussia and Lithuania. Believed to be the largest brick castle in the world, its unusual building blocks make its design stunning, both visually and militarily. Part of a network of castles with the same basic blueprint that stretch across modern-day Poland, its ingenious moat system, stand-alone tower and lofty High Castle place it among the Teutonic Order’s most incredible military –and architectural – achievements.

The siege: The castle was besieged by the combined forces of King Jagiello of Poland and Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania in 1410, shortly after the celebrated Battle of Tannenberg, fought by the knights’ Grand Master. The attackers brought an arsenal of siege weapons, including the trebuchet and light artillery. Inside Malbork, a united garrison, led by Heinrich von Plauen, fought for both their God and their lives with crossbows and heavy cannon. The outcome of this campaign would challenge the gains of the Polish crown and define the future of the Teutonic Knights.

In Pictures: the Malbork Castle Flickr set

Video: The Malbork Castle Trailer

Official trailer for Battle Castle: Malbork, which made its world premiere Thursday, March 22 at 9 p.m. ET on History Television.

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