Atlantic Cowboys

Jobs in the Danger Zone

The Arctic Kingfisher’s mission: keep floating icebergs in the North Atlantic from colliding with the Henry Goodridge, an offshore oil rig.

The North Atlantic’s Grand Banks are home to one of the richest oil discoveries in recent history. Petro-Canada, Husky Energy and Exxon Mobil all have massive offshore drilling rigs, located only kilometres apart.

But extracting black gold from this region is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs – the cold Labrador Current off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, is riddled with icebergs. Parallax Film Productions profiles one ship’s mission servicing rigs in Iceberg Alley.

It’s the Atlantic Kingfisher’s job to keep crews on the rigs – including the Terra Nova, the White Rose and the Hibernia – safe from these natural hazards. And the ship will soon face a daunting task. Captain Dennis Hynes and his team must reposition the ten-storey Henry Goodridge oil rig. This Discovery documentary follows Hynes and his crew as they take on this staggering 28-day feat.