New Orleans

When Disaster Strikes

Hurricane Katrina disaster relief – the Tulane Medical Center is evacuated and remediation crews toil after the most powerful hurricane.

August, 2005: Category 4 Hurricane Katrina moves from the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans, Louisiana, inflicting more than $650 million in damages and losses to Tulane University alone. As flood waters ravage the Tulane Medical Centre, Dr. Lee Hamm and others undertake a massive rescue mission that includes airlifting patients amidst a power blackout. Parallax Film Productions profiles the aftermath of this and other devastation caused by the most powerful hurricane.

This disaster documentary visits the Ninth Ward, where houses lay ripped from their foundations, infested with toxic molds and sewage. In the northern part of New Orleans, a woman struggles to find a remediation crew to fix her roof and to get her insurance company to cover damages.

Hurricane Katrina disaster relief must address this massive destruction. Normally, homes hit by water damage are dried out as soon as possible to prevent mold contamination. But this rapid remediation proves unattainable with the amount of damage this mighty storm inflicts. Flooding also causes bacteria, toxins and allergens to infest homes. This Discovery documentary profiles a New Orleans left in ruin, and disaster demo teams on the brink.