Bahama Blue

Captured in 4k cinematography, combined with intimate aerials, extraordinary macro photography and signature ‘tide lapses’ Bahama Blue is this Bahamas beyond the beaches.

Bahama Blue is currently airing around the world.

Explore worlds where everything is eating…or being eaten, but fierce competition gives way to playful and funny creatures, just staking their claim. This a magical place where plants are sprinkled with shimmering dust and seahorses feed, almost without fear.

Dive the amazing caves and blue holes to find biological anomalies who thrive in dark waters saturated with hydrogen sulfide gas and low in oxygen. Penetrate the tangle of Mangroves growing from a salty swamp that houses a nursery of fish and invertebrates until they are big enough, and smart enough, to compete on the coral reefs. Visit the beautiful beaches the Bahamas are famous for, shaped from sand flats in and out of the water: so ubiquitous, that creatures have evolved to hide in plain sight to survive. Experience day and night on a coral reef colony, and find out who is best hidden away when the sun goes down and the sharks come out. Discover the Bahamas from its tiny thimble jellyfish to the gigantic sperm whale and all the creatures in between.

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Bahama Blue