Eagles Next Door

The eagle has landed...in our backyards.

In possibly the world’s single greatest conservation success story, Bald Eagles have gone from the brink of extinction to numbers never before seen in just fifty years.

The eagle has landed…in our backyards.

Nesting on hydro towers, construction beams, in suburban parks, and urban neighbourhoods, bald eagles are an exotic reminder of the wilderness that surrounded many of our cities’ landscapes. These majestic predators epitomize survival. Their story is one of opportunism and adaptation in the face of a rapidly changing ecological landscape.

We follow the unfolding story of a single breeding pair in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, over the course of a year.   Via the social media phenomena known as ‘nestcams’ we are able to witness their amazing lifecycle, and understand the adaptations they’ve made to be successful in the city.

Wildlife biologists, conservationists, rescuers, and online nestcam fans illuminate the lives of our newly arrived wild neighbours.

Stunning landscape shots and intimate close-ups leave the viewer in awe of this special bird. Exclusive nestcam footage of this year’s dramatic breeding, hatching, and fledging season brings unparalleled understanding and access.

Eagles Next Door airs in Canada on CBC’s The Nature of Things hosted by David Suzuki starting Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 8pm and 8:30pm in Newfoundland.