Shooting a 3D documentary: video and details from the Fonte Nova Stadium

Ian’s arrived in Salvador, Brazil and hit the Fonte Nova Stadium demolition site where we’re shooting our first 3D documentary.

And he’s rolling.

The awesome view of Salvador, Brazil as he flew in:



Yesterday it was all about B roll, as stereographer Sean White trained others on 3D capturing techniques.

Here are some videos on-site – you really get a feel for how massive and messy this stadium is:

Crew climbs up stairs (and around random demo debris) carrying stereoscopic gear


Sean details Parallax Film’s custom-made mini beam splitter, which houses two Canon 7Ds


Other field notes:

The crew captured a lot of B roll – establishing shots (very Roman Colosseum – no individual seats in this stadium!), columns, Controlled Demolition Inc. President Mark Loizeaux inspects the stadium’s concrete/rebar composition.

Next mission: establishing shots of Salvador.

Nicole Tomlinson