It seems we’re not alone in the quest to find a beam splitter rig/camera system that will work as our B cam setup for shooting our first 3D documentary.

My previous blog outlining the issue has been posted on the Yahoo! Group thread P+S Technik 3D Stereo Rig + 2 Sony EX3, where there are entries from several people looking for information on how to make this – and similar systems – work for them.

Here’s our particular issue: we’ve been testing a Sony EX1 and a Sony EX3 mounted on a Film Factory 3D Indie BS Rig, but are having issues getting the cameras optimally positioned.

One alternative mentioned in the Yahoo! thread is a P+S Technik rig, but from what I gather it’s more expensive than the Film Factory Indie unit we’ve purchased.

Another up-and-coming alternative seems to be Alister Chapman’s “Hurricane” beam splitter rig, evidently designed specifically with Sony EX3s in mind.

Due for release toward the end of August, this rig’s going to hit the market too late for us to explore the possibility of using it to shoot the implosion of a condemned sports stadium in Salvador, Brazil for the explosive demolition series Blowdown.

I’m curious to learn more about the rig once the patent processes have run their course.

In the meantime, we are in conversation with Canon Canada to try and get loaners of the new XF305, which Alister mentions in the thread as a potential alternative to the EX system.

We’re also trying to take advantage of the Film Factory Indie’s flexibility, ie. moveable rails, etc., to disassemble and reconfigure it in a way that will facilitate the EXs better.

Will update as the mission progresses.

If there’s anyone else out there with alternatives I’m interested in hearing about them – aiming for the best 3D film we can put out.