It’s go time. I’ve been running around the last few days getting everything organized so I can join the crew to shoot our first 3D documentary.

I leave for Salvador, Brazil tomorrow to capture Blowdown in 3D – the prep and implosion of the Fonte Nova Stadium to make way for a new facility for the 2014 World Cup.

The Parallax Film team’s been down there for a week now. They’ve set up our HQ and shot some material – enough to get their feet dusty.

The next few weeks leading up to the August 29 implosion will be a great field experiment.

As the demolition story unfolds, so will the nuances of the equipment we’ve rigged to capture the first implosion ever shot in 3D.

I know what it will be like down there – field realities will set in, and days will be overflowing.

So writer Nicole Tomlinson will manage the blog in my stead.

I’ll feed her shoot info whenever I can as we review story material, and she’ll post here.

Ciao for now.