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Battle Castle:  Malbork — exploring the castle

Writer Nicole Tomlinson and the rest of the Battle Castle crew, including host Dan Snow, explore an area of Malbork Castle in Poland that’s normally out of bounds to the public. Battle Castle: Malbork profiles the siege of 1410 when Polish and Lithuanian forces attacked the brick stronghold. The offensive, which was led by King Jagiello and Grand Duke Vytautas, occurred after the Battle of Tannenberg. The castle, historically known as Marienburg, was built by the Teutonic Order, crusader knights who occupied this area of the Baltic in medieval times.

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Battle Castle: Gaillard – surrounding lands

Photos of the area surrounding Chateau Gaillard, including the River Seine and the town of Petit Andely, taken during the filming of Battle Castle: Gaillard with host Dan Snow. The French army, led by Philip Augustus of France, laid siege to English King Richard I’s stronghold in 1203-1204. The show reveals how Richard the Lionheart’s castle builders constructed the fortifications and details the medieval weapons used to attack it.


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Medieval siege tip of the week:

For a soldier seeking comfort, supple deerhide leather can be tailored to fit like a second skin – B. Cornwell
3 ways to #gomedieval
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