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Battle Castle: Gaillard — crew arrives at hotel

Executive Producer and Director Ian Herring and Camera and Director of Photography Sean F. White arrive at Chateau Corneille with the rest of the Battle Castle crew, ready to film host Dan Snow at Chateau Gaillard. The French army, led by Philip Augustus of France, laid siege to English King Richard I’s stronghold in Normandy in 1203-1204. Battle Castle: Gaillard reveals how Richard the Lionheart’s castle builders constructed the fortifications, which included securing the castle, an island fort, and the town of Petit Andely, and details the medieval weapons used to attack it.

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Battle Castle: Conwy – the Wilds of Wales

Photos of Snowdonia in Northern Wales, taken during the filming of Battle Castle: Conwy. The production crew and host Dan Snow travelled out into the Wilds of Wales to capture the spirit of what the region may have looked like in the Middle Ages during the time that Conwy and King Edward I’s other Welsh castles were built. The show reveals the castle builders who engineered and raised these fortifications, as well as the weapons and battles that tested them in 1294 when Welsh leader Madog ap Llywelyn headed a medieval rebellion against the English and laid siege to their castles.


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Medieval siege tip of the week:

From the dawn of defence, fortifications have aimed to exploit height– M. Keen
3 ways to #gomedieval
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