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BattleCastle.TV: host Dan Snow shares how a small group of soldiers approached Chateau Gaillard

Battle Castle host Dan Snow details how a handful of French troops infiltrated one of Chateau Gaillard’s walls during the siege of 1203-1204. Philip Augustus of France and his army attacked the castle to try and push the English out of Normandy. Though King John reigned at the time it was besieged, the stronghold was built by his brother Richard I before he died. Battle Castle: Gaillard reveals how the Lionheart’s castle builders constructed the fortifications, which included securing the castle, an island fort, and the town of Petit Andely, and details the medieval weapons that the French used to attack it.

Dan’s vlogs are released every Thursday on YouTube, unveiling details related to the stories that will be profiled in the Battle Castle shows.

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Medieval siege tip of the week:

@Battlecastle  Dec 8,

In the medieval realm, siege is king. It dwarfs pitched battles, naval skirmishes, mounted raids and all other forms of warfare – M. Keen

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