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Parallax Films remains committed to creating innovative storytelling through the use of 3D interfaces.
To this end, our team embraced a new challenge when we produced a series of 3D motion comics in conjunction with the television series, Battle Castle.  We had the technical skill and creative tools to build and execute each of the phases – script, production and post but lacked experience of putting these phases together in the 3D comic genre.  So with lots of enthusiasm we dove in and this is what we learned along the way.

  1. We overwrote the comics.  We had figured on 40 panels for each comic – but this created a very complicated narrative for a short form genre.  We figured this out after assembling the material in post.   The upside was we had lots of material to work with to sharpen the words and create dynamic imagery.
  2. Designing and shooting the panels involved numerous poses and actions from each of the main characters.   But ultimately neither Kings nor Castles move much.  So we dropped these characters into scenes with action going on around them.   The King can be looking off yonder or pondering his next steps – while the soldiers and errant knights march by or engage in battle.
  3. Blood splatters make it all good.   Whenever possible and for the smallest of reasons we would add the ubiquitous blood splatter to fight scenes and occasionally if the action started to lag – just because.
  4. Music and sound effects were critical to stitching the story together and taking it to the next level.
  5. 3D effects and volume were enhanced by adding particulate layers, such as smoke, fire, rain and of course, blood. These created a series of depth cues that led the eye to the action and enhanced the gritty harshness of the environment.

The motion comics have already been released both in 2D and Anaglyphic 3D through the Battle Castle universe.

Today, we’re publishing a side by side version for those with a 3D monitor or television display.  These comics are available on the Parallax Youtube Channel accessible through Bluray DVD players.  We’ve created a playlist with all the comics.

Here is the first,

On a technical note, we have tested Playstation in the past, but unfortunately the interface with Youtube does not allow you to increase the resolution so the picture quality and 3D experience is poor.

Ian Herring, President