Bahama Blue - Shark3 may 21 2014

Parallax kicks off principal photography filming Bahama Blue this month, exploring the islands of the Bahamas through the award-winning lenses of Andy Brandy Casagrande, Mark Rackley and Sean F. White.

[Watch the trailer]

The experience has renewed and reinvigorated our committment to protecting the underwater stars of the show, and inspired us to come up with a list of the Top 10 Ways to Save the Oceans in advance of World Oceans Day, June 8.

Our underwater cinematographers take extra steps to film with the least environmental impact to capture up close and first-ever natural history moments. The dive team uses closed-circuit rebreathers to keep the underwater ‘bubble & noise’ footprint to a minimum, and wear top-of-the-line scuba gear to ensure accurate buoyancy movements in the water to blend in with the natural state of sea life.

Mini-cams and specialty GoPro camera rigs make the filmmakers’ presence virtually invisible to sea life, allowing the divers to capture angles that could not be shot with larger format cameras. This specialized camera equipment requires less power for charging and overall hardware, therefore creating a smaller carbon footprint.

So, how can you help?

Here are our Top 10 Ways to Save the Oceans:

1. Invest in renewable energy projects, which mitigate ocean acidification
2. Drive less; walk and bicycle more
3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics
4. Support the creation of no-take marine reserves
5. Buy sustainably sourced seafood (See and
6. Eat less seafood (worldwide fisheries collapse is predicted by 2048 unless we do)
7. Shop with reusable bags instead of asking for plastic ones
8. Cut open six-pack holders and other plastics that can trap marine life
9. Use non-toxic cleaning and gardening products to keep chemicals from being flushed into the sea
10. Talk to friends, family and your community about the importance of protecting our oceans