Castles in 3D: exclusive stereoscopic footage brought to you by Parallax Film Productions

To inspire excitement and share our love of stereography we are releasing 3D stills and footage shot during field production of our current series Battle Castle. This exclusive online content represents our continued commitment to the wild, unpredictable and always thrilling ride of these S3D days.

So grab your red/cyan glasses and check out our first installment of video: a special HD 3D trailer for Battle Castle: Dover. This footage, which was captured and edited by our Director of Photography/Stereographer Sean F. White, features the castle known as the Key to England.

If you have a passive 3D display, the footage generally is best viewed on the side-by-side setting. Once your display is configured, simply click on the 3D icon at the bottom of the video and set YouTube to Side-by-Side, half-width. If you don’t have a 3D display, you can view the clips in anaglyph mode. Simply use any pair of red/cyan glasses and set YouTube to Optimized (Dubois).

-Ian Herring, President