This week in Battle Castle-Jan. 6

Here’s what’s going on this week in our current production, Battle Castle:

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BattleCastle.TV: host Dan Snow explains how Constantinople inspired Edward’s castle builders

Battle Castle host Dan Snow details how the mighty city of Constantinople influenced the shape of Caernarfon Castle’s towers. The fortification combines military engineering and palatial splendour fit for a king. Master James of St. George and his castle builders also raised Conwy, Harlech and Beaumaris — combined, these fortifications are known as the Iron Ring. Conwy was commissioned by King Edward I in Snowdonia, Wales, and was tested with Madog ap Llywelyn led a medieval rebellion against the English and their Iron Ring of fortifications in the late 13th century. The secrets of this mighty castle’s build and details of the siege it faced are revealed in Battle Castle: Conwy.

Dan’s vlogs are released every Thursday on YouTube, unveiling details related to the stories that will be profiled in the Battle Castle shows.