This week in Battle Castle-Nov. 11

Here’s what’s going on this week in our current production, Battle Castle:

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Battle Castle: host Dan Snow discovers Crac des Chevaliers’ underground stores

Host Dan Snow descends deep into Crac des Chevaliers to explore its elaborate storage system and detail the role that it would have played during a siege. Dubbed the crown jewel of crusader castles, this castle is located in Northern Syria. It was constructed by Christian knights in the 12th and 13th centuries, and faced attack by a Muslim force armed with trebuchets and led by the Mamluk Sultan Baybars in 1271. The secrets of its build and details of the epic siege it faced are revealed in Battle Castle: Crac des Chevaliers.

Dan’s vlogs will be released every Thursday on YouTube, unveiling details related to the stories that will be profiled in the Battle Castle shows.

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Medieval siege tip of the week:

@Battlecastle  Nov 10,

Chateau Gaillard a state-of-the-art castle, with successive lines of defence and round towers flanking the walls – M. Prestwich

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Awesome medieval moments on the web, chosen by The Gatekeeper:

Explore reasons behind grave disturbances in the Middle Ages via @MedievalArchive

Discover ancient “castle” structures found in the Libyan desert via Military Architecture

Learn how medieval families came to be via @Medievalists

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A world of castle engineering, bloody siegecraft, and epic clashes that transform mortals into legends awaits …

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This week in Battle Castle

From this week forward, we’ll be sharing highlights from our current production, Battle Castle, on our blog.

Hosted by historian and broadcaster Dan Snow, Battle Castle profiles the military architecture and engineering of some of the world’s greatest castles, as well as the medieval weapons technology they faced during the epic sieges that tested them.

This action documentary series is scheduled to air on History Television in Canada and Discovery UK early next year. It’s also slated for distribution by BBC Worldwide.

Battle Castle reveals the stories of:

-Dover – The Key to England

-Crac des Chevaliers – The Crown Jewel of Crusader Castles

-Malaga – Ferdinand and Isabella’s bloodiest siege

-Conwy – King Edward’s Iron Ring

-Chateau Gaillard – Richard the Lionheart’s stronghold

-Malbork – The Teutonic Knight’s red-brick glory

In addition to these broadcasts, Battle Castle also features an extensive online world that continues to grow every day.

This trans-medieval journey includes exclusive web content, behind-the-scenes material, and plenty of opportunities to #gomedieval.

Here’s what’s going on this week in the Battle Castle universe:

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Battle Castle: Gaillard – Dark Discovery

Camera and Director of Photography Sean F. White and Technical Assistant Rory Lambert explore an unexpected opening found at Chateau Gaillard. The French army, led by Philip Augustus of France, laid siege to English King Richard I’s stronghold in Normandy in 1203-1204. Battle Castle: Gaillard reveals how Richard the Lionheart’s castle builders constructed the fortifications, which included securing the castle, an island fort, and the town of Petit Andely, and details the medieval weapons used to attack it.


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Battle Castle: Malbork – a medieval feast

Photos of an exhibit at Malbork Castle, meant to recreate what a meal served at the fortification during the Middle Ages may have consisted of, shot during the filming of Battle Castle: Malbork with host Dan Snow in Poland. The show profiles the siege of 1410 when Polish and Lithuanian forces attacked the brick stronghold. The offensive, which was led by King Jagiello and Grand Duke Vytautas, occurred after the Battle of Tannenberg. The castle, historically known as Marienburg, was built by the Teutonic Order, crusader knights who occupied this area of the Baltic in medieval times.


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Medieval siege tip of the week:

Beware the elite’s desire to defend their own interests, as it can be the beating heart of any structural defence – M. Keen
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Awesome medieval moments on the web, chosen by The Gatekeeper:
Siege engine homage: trebuchet salutes the Kansas City Wildcats

Dare to compare medieval cooking … stay for the Sweet Frumenty, avoid the Plague (no really, it’s a drink) via CookIt!

Writer Merry Farmer rolls out medieval-themed blogs every Monday. Bonus points for the alliteration

Want more Battle Castle action?

A world of castle engineering, bloody siegecraft, and epic clashes that transform mortals into legends awaits …

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