From stereophonic to stereoscopic: Peter Gabriel details his new 3D concert experience

As 3D becomes more prevalent in the music industry, some of the world’s most venerable artists are weighing in on the stereoscopic experience – including Peter Gabriel.

The star recently talked about the appeal of 3D while he was in Montreal promoting his latest tour and “New Blood: Live in London” – a 3D concert film produced by UK-based Eagle Rock Entertainment.

“To me [3D] is very similar to stereo. People thought stereo was a gimmick,” Gabriel says. “It’s a device, it’s a tool, but it allows you into this world which I think is closer to real life.”

“What I particularly like is when you have some slow moving shots that give you a sense of space… you feel it in a very different way than you do in two dimensions.”

Gabriel goes on to say that despite the current viewing format requires glasses, he feels it’s the only way forward.

Check out more clips from the press conference:



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