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Battle Castle: host Dan Snow details Conwy Castle’s peculiar curvature

Battle Castle host Dan Snow explores Conwy’s great hall and details the reason behind its unusual shape. This Welsh castle was built by King Edward I in Snowdonia, Wales, and was tested with Madog ap Llywelyn led a medieval rebellion against the English and their Iron Ring of fortifications in the late 13th century. The secrets of this mighty castle’s build and details of the siege it faced are revealed in Battle Castle: Conwy.

Dan’s blogs will be released every Thursday on YouTube, unveiling details related to the stories that will be profiled in the Battle Castle shows

Battle Castle: Conwy – the winds of Wales

Writer Nicole Tomlinson details the wilds of Wales and their role in Battle Castle: Conwy. The film crew and host Dan Snow moved away form the city and into the outlands to capture the spirit of what Snowdonia may have looked like in 1294 when Welsh leader Madog ap Llywelyn headed a medieval rebellion against the English and laid siege to their castles. The castle builders who engineered and constructed Conwy and the other fortifications in King Edward I’s Iron Ring and the soldiers who fought for the English would have had to navigate lands like these.

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Chainmail designed with wide armholes will not plague its wearer with constriction – B. Cornwell

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