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Battle Castle: host Dan Snow discovers Crac des Chevaliers’ underground stores

Host Dan Snow descends deep into Crac des Chevaliers to explore its elaborate storage system and detail the role that it would have played during a siege. Dubbed the crown jewel of crusader castles, this castle is located in Northern Syria. It was constructed by Christian knights in the 12th and 13th centuries, and faced attack by a Muslim force armed with trebuchets and led by the Mamluk Sultan Baybars in 1271. The secrets of its build and details of the epic siege it faced are revealed in Battle Castle: Crac des Chevaliers.

Dan’s vlogs will be released every Thursday on YouTube, unveiling details related to the stories that will be profiled in the Battle Castle shows.

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Medieval siege tip of the week:

@Battlecastle  Nov 10,

Chateau Gaillard a state-of-the-art castle, with successive lines of defence and round towers flanking the walls – M. Prestwich

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