Monster Tower


An engineering marvel gone horribly wrong deals CDI their strangest challenge yet: demolish a brand new hurricane-proofed tower. It’s a shot at a world record – the tallest concrete reinforced building ever to be imploded.

Controlled Demolition Inc. takes on a hurricane-proofed tower to attempt a record-breaking drop.

More than 30 storeys high, Ocean Tower’s three massively-reinforced core walls are super thick. But this robust construction came with a twisted cost – this heavy super structure is sinking into South Padre Island’s soils. It’s a disaster that can’t be fixed: Ocean Tower must be demolished.

To succeed, CDI will have to execute every aspect of this unprecedented implosion flawlessly. The team must strip the building of tons of material. Then they must come up with a plan to attack the three massive cores. Built to stand up to a hurricane, these solid monoliths are so dense that they are immune to the team’s wrecking machines. CDI’s demolition designer must also find a way to reduce the giant tower’s height by more than 30 metres so it will fit into the drop zone. Will it be a record-breaking drop? Or a world-class disaster?

Ocean Tower was built in South Padre Island, Texas. The highrise was still under construction when it was revealed that it was shifting and leaning to one side. This structural failure led to the decision to demolish the condominium building. Controlled Demolition Inc. submitted the implosion to the Guinness Book of World Records.