The Miami Job


The Controlled Demolition Inc. crew, experts in structural implosions, fight to safely demolish the historic Sheraton Bal Harbour resort complex, which sits only meters away from neighbours on Miami Beach, Florida. Parallax Film Productions profiles this explosive demolition feat.

Controlled Demolition Inc. fights to safely implode the Sheraton Bal Harbour resort complex on Miami Beach, Florida.

The Sheraton Bal Harbour must be demolished to make room for the St. Regis Hotel and Residences luxury resort, 45 years to the day after President John F. Kennedy made his famous speech there. This documentary follows Mark Loizeaux and his team as they prep this massive structure. Amidst concerns about flying dust and explosive debris, the crew must push demolition engineering to its limits for this Blowdown to end in success.

The Sheraton Bal Harbour was designed by Morris Lapidus, the same architect who built the Fontainebleu and Eden Rock hotels on Miami Beach. Originally named the Americana, the beachside resort was once a favorite of celebrities and the Secret Service. Prestigious visitors who wished to remain anonymous were shuttled into the hotel through its underground parking garage.