World Cup


It’s explosive demolition like you’ve never seen it before – Blowdown: World Cup Demolition in 3D. This groundbreaking episode follows Controlled Demolition Inc. as they head south to Brazil to take on one of the largest sports facilities in the world – the Fonte Nova Stadium.

When it comes to this type of implosion, CDI is on their game. They’ve taken down several massive stadiums in the U.S. But this job is different – a Brazilian crew is executing this project, so CDI can’t handle a single stick of explosives. And the site, which was shut down after a deadly structural failure, is full of hazards. Can CDI and the Brazilians pull this unprecedented job off, or will this World Cup demolition turn into a world-class disaster?

The Fonte Nova Stadium was built in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in the 1950s. It hosted epic football matches for almost 60 years before an accidental collapse of a section of the upper tier killed seven people and injured several more. The victims fell 49 feet through a 10-foot wide hole in the concrete stands. The stadium’s implosion was planned to make room for a new facility slated as one of the host venues for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.